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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Osu, Andre Sensei is now back in Japan. He arrived in Tokyo on the 4th of August.

He contacted me after returning to Japan to wish us all well and to offer his on-going support of the Christchurch Dojo.

Let's aim to lift our level for his next visit to JKA Christchurch. Also, for those wanting to train in Japan, his dojo in dojo in Aso-shi (Kumamoto-ken) is waiting for us. This is a huge opportunity for the club. He even has a guest room for visitors who come for private training.

While we miss Andre Sensei, we know that for last 20 years he has returned to Japan numerous times and it really is his home. We wish him the very best as Australasia's top traditional Shotokan karate technician and instructor. 

Lyall Stone
Chief Instructor of JKA CHRISTCHURCH

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