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Monday, September 30, 2013


With Naka Shihan (JKA 7th Dan).
The club recently attended the JKA New Zealand Seminar (hosted by JKA Auckland). The seminar featured Mori Shihan (8th Dan), Naka Shihan (7th Dan), Keith Geyer Shihan (7th Dan) and Nakayama Sensei (4th Dan).

Hosted by Zel Sensei, as expected, every class was brilliant and those from JKA Christchurch who attended learned so much.

Matt, Andrew, Peter & Rachel catching up with Takuma.
A special congratulations to Peter Burtenshaw who passed his Shodan and Andrew Makin who passed his Nidan. Also congratulations to all the others who passed their exams, in particular, young Reece (now shodan) who came to the Christchurch seminar in June.

Zel Sensei (JKA 5th Dan)
I'd like to end by thanking everyone in Auckland and from overseas who we caught up, and especially Zel Sensei for organising this excellent event. We look forward to having Zel Sensei down in Christchurch again.

Peter with Mori Shihan (JKA 8th Dan

Oss, Lyall Stone
Chief Instructor

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