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Monday, January 20, 2014


The following rendition of Kanku dai by Kurihara Sensei is the correct version of Shotokan Kanku dai. Japan Karate Association is the KEEPERS OF KARATE'S HIGHEST TRADITION ( Because of this, we must always seek the form of JKA Japan. Oss, Lyall

Here is Oshima Sensei doing Kanku Dai

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Andrew Makin & Peter Burtenshaw pass JKA DAN EXAMS

From left to right: Peter, me and Andrew
Congrats ANDREW MAKIN on your JKA NIDAN and PETER BURTENSHAW on your JKA SHODAN. I was very happy to present you both with your well earned degrees.

JKA is "The Keeper of Karate's Highest Tradition"..... Dan from JKA is the only truly authentic Shotokan ranks in the world.

The club and I are very proud of you both.

We are very thankful to Naka Shihan and Mori Shihan for their awesome training, also Zel Sensei for all of his amazing support.

Oss, Lyall Stone

Sunday, October 13, 2013

JKA Gankaku by Nozomi Oshima Sensei

Here is the correct way to do Gankaku:  

 Please notice that the side kicks are yoko-keage (not the incorrect use of yoko-kekomi), the stances and timing are not over-exaggerated, and the power is real.


Oss, Lyall Chief Instructor JKA-CHCH.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013


With Naka Shihan (JKA 7th Dan).
The club recently attended the JKA New Zealand Seminar (hosted by JKA Auckland). The seminar featured Mori Shihan (8th Dan), Naka Shihan (7th Dan), Keith Geyer Shihan (7th Dan) and Nakayama Sensei (4th Dan).

Hosted by Zel Sensei, as expected, every class was brilliant and those from JKA Christchurch who attended learned so much.

Matt, Andrew, Peter & Rachel catching up with Takuma.
A special congratulations to Peter Burtenshaw who passed his Shodan and Andrew Makin who passed his Nidan. Also congratulations to all the others who passed their exams, in particular, young Reece (now shodan) who came to the Christchurch seminar in June.

Zel Sensei (JKA 5th Dan)
I'd like to end by thanking everyone in Auckland and from overseas who we caught up, and especially Zel Sensei for organising this excellent event. We look forward to having Zel Sensei down in Christchurch again.

Peter with Mori Shihan (JKA 8th Dan

Oss, Lyall Stone
Chief Instructor

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Osu, Andre Sensei is now back in Japan. He arrived in Tokyo on the 4th of August.

He contacted me after returning to Japan to wish us all well and to offer his on-going support of the Christchurch Dojo.

Let's aim to lift our level for his next visit to JKA Christchurch. Also, for those wanting to train in Japan, his dojo in dojo in Aso-shi (Kumamoto-ken) is waiting for us. This is a huge opportunity for the club. He even has a guest room for visitors who come for private training.

While we miss Andre Sensei, we know that for last 20 years he has returned to Japan numerous times and it really is his home. We wish him the very best as Australasia's top traditional Shotokan karate technician and instructor. 

Lyall Stone
Chief Instructor of JKA CHRISTCHURCH

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We now have JKA (Japan Karate Association) CHRISTCHURCH official club jackets. Sports bags, polo's and t's are also available. Please talk to me if you wish to make an order (JKA members only). Remember you can click on the following pictures to blow up the photos for closer examination.
Jackets are especially important for those going to Auckand for the seminar with Ueki Shihan, Mori Shihan, Naka Shihan and Keith Geyer Shihan! However it would be nice to see a club full of members with them.
Lastly, Andre Bertel Shihan will be running his final seminar in New Zealand on Saturday and Sunday (July 27th and 28th). People fly him all over the world to teach karate seminars, and here he is, right on your doorstep. Make sure you attend these for obvious reasons!
OSS, Lyall
JKA Christchurch Chief Instructor