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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We now have JKA (Japan Karate Association) CHRISTCHURCH official club jackets. Sports bags, polo's and t's are also available. Please talk to me if you wish to make an order (JKA members only). Remember you can click on the following pictures to blow up the photos for closer examination.
Jackets are especially important for those going to Auckand for the seminar with Ueki Shihan, Mori Shihan, Naka Shihan and Keith Geyer Shihan! However it would be nice to see a club full of members with them.
Lastly, Andre Bertel Shihan will be running his final seminar in New Zealand on Saturday and Sunday (July 27th and 28th). People fly him all over the world to teach karate seminars, and here he is, right on your doorstep. Make sure you attend these for obvious reasons!
OSS, Lyall
JKA Christchurch Chief Instructor

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